napping with adhd

Yeah, good luck with that. Any sleep at all with ADHD is a beautiful thing. Naps are almost impossible. I mean, I’m sitting here digging sleep out of my eyes, yet my brain won’t shut down long enough for me to snooze – although I didlay down for half an hour; I think Miss Kitty might have gotten a small nap after she groomed herself.

But see, when I lay down, that’s when my mind acts up. It’s true.

I’m laying there, trying to doze off, and my mind says, “Let’s get this party started!” and breaks out the dance floor. Next thing you know, the lights have gone up along with the disco ball, the lasers, the LEDs, the fog and confetti makers, and gods know what all else. The fully stocked bar is rolled in, and the barstools are put along the front. Like magic, club seating appears around the outskirts of the dance floor. A bouncer secures the velvet VIP rope across the door. Music is adjusted and a dj is hired as everyone begins to spill in. My mind has invited its 50 squillion closest friends and neighbors. Before you can say, “Glitter!” the black lights come on, and I realize this simple party has morphed into a rave.

I enjoy it for a little while, until the noise becomes too much, then I have no choice but to get back out of the bed. Sleep, even a short cat nap, isn’t coming right now. About an hour before I want to sleep later on tonight, I’ll take half a Trazadone and hope that does the trick. If not, I’ll eventually doze off and might get to sleep for 4 to 6 hours. If the Trazadone does its job, I’ll get to sleep for 8 hours,if Miss Kitty will let me sleep that long. She’s gotten horrible about coming in to wake me up at 7:30am! Brat!

Meanwhile, in an hour, I have a ritual to lead and a class to teach. I also have manuscript that needs typed up, one that needs editing, and a pile of books to read. Don’t worry about me if I can’t sleep. I have plenty to keep me busy!