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I would like to take a minute to talk about my Father, Arthur Earl Halcomb Sr. My father spent his entire life giving everything of himself to other people. He was a public servant first and foremost throughout most of his adult life. He considered it his duty both spiritual and earthly to help his fellows every day. In his later years, poor health kept him from serving on public safety services.

My Mother recounts a conversation they had not long before he died in June 2013. Many of his health problems were lung related, and these were made worse by exposure through the years to many fire scenes and other toxins on his jobs. My Mother told him that she wished he had not done the things he had done in life, that he would be healthy and happy today if not for them. His only response was this:

“Janice my bible tells me that I’m supposed to help my fellow man. My service to people was my way of doing that. If I had not done that, I would not be the same person I am today. If I had it to do all over again, I would make the exact same choices even if I ended up in exactly the same shape.”

That was exactly the type of man he was. I have thought long and hard about a fitting tribute to my Father. I know that the Loyall Fire Department in Loyall, KY has been attempting to raise funds for a new fire truck to replace the one they have had for years. It was requested at his funeral that funds be donated to help with this to help serve the needs of the community he loved so much. I feel that this request is not enough. I want to appeal to everyone out there who reads this. I want to make my Father proud and show that his life of generosity was not a unique trait but is shared by all the people who truly take a moment to care for their fellows.

Any money that is donated to this cause will be sent, as a check, to the Loyall Fire Department, with the subject line “Fire Truck Fund” in the name of Arthur Halcomb Sr. Any money you can donate at all will help. Even a dollar is one step closer to protecting the lives of the fire fighters he cared about and the citizens of Harlan County, Kentucky.

Obituary, June 20 2013

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