Dark as a Dungeon- Mining in Appalachian Kentucky: Part 1


The following is a collection of quotes, paraphrases and thoughts I had while reading/watching the following:
They Say in Harlan County- An Oral History – Alessandro Portelli
– A fantastic oral history book, 100% recommended
The Devil Is Here in These Hills – James Green
– A decent book about the mine wars in the Appalachian region, mostly West Virginia. Only recommended if you find yourself really into this topic
Harlan County U.S.A. (Documentary)
– Oscar Winning documentary. Ends up focusing more on the labor strikes of the 70s and tying those into those of earlier generations. 100% recommended
The Mine Wars (Documentary)
– American Experience documentary. Focuses on the armed insurrections on area in WV and KY. 100% recommended
Harlan Miners Speak – Theodore Dreiser
– A heavily biased narrative put out by an activist in the 30’s to influence the public. I can’t recommend it as a history…

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