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    • Harlan Vampire
      – adult southern gothic fiction –

    • Promise of Midnight
    • Midnight
    • After Midnight
    • Midnight’s Children
    • Midnight’s Heir
    • Memories of Midnight
    • Destiny’s Story
      – young adult southern gothic fiction –

    • Vampire: Secrets
    • Vampire: Promises
    • Vampire: Lies
    • [more to come!]

    You’re a vampire. Being a vampire is pain. – Michael Devon II

    Brief Character Sketches
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  • Samantha Clark – Young woman in search of something she doesn’t want to find.
  • Stephen Young – Owns convenience stores in Harlan. Old friend of Sami’s who gives her a refuge and a new chance at life. A young man both ruled and betrayed by his heart.
  • Jeremy Bradford – Sami’s new boyfriend. Steve’s mentor. A young man with a knack for being the exception to the rules.
  • Michael Devon – Sami’s new, close friend and mentor. Anethdraeg Elder.
  • Anethdraeg – [ann-eth-dray-ehg] – Vampire ‘House’, made up of folks in Harlan County with common pagan beliefs and who share a common bond. ‘The Family’.
  • Harlan County – In the dark corners of America, sometimes hidden things remain. This is one such corner. On fog-shrouded mountains and inside deep hollows covered in still forests where sunlight doesn’t touch the mossy, loamy ground and with neighbors sometimes a mile away, the nights fall darker, deeper. Always bigger than its inhabitants, this land deep in the heart of Kentucky coal country, the earth and darkness hold sway. Harlan County is locked in an endless struggle to maintain its roots. Often each community in the county, or even each family, has the appearance of a whole new and different world, each with its own customs and traditions. Many people see and hear things some would call ‘supernatural’. The people take these things in stride, like their forefathers have for generations. These ‘ghost stories’, passed around the dinner table or the coal heating stove, help pass the time and connect the generations. These stories are often fanciful tales, told for generations…but sometimes they are not. Sometimes the tales are new, with the darkness fresh in mind for the telling.

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    …the human heart in conflict with itself. – J Michael Straczynski

    When I first got the idea for Midnight in 1996, I knew I wanted to write a different kind of ‘vampire story’. I never meant for the story to be the typical vampires-are-demons, the embodiment of our worst fears, gothic-chiller type story; I wanted to write about ‘humans having a vampire problem’ type story. My characters, therefore, are as human as possible. All of these stories more revolve around the the very real life-problems the main characters face more than than ‘their vampireness’. The vampire is secondary, sometimes even tertiary. Even so, how these people deal with their innate vampireness very much affects how they go about their lives, how they face themselves and their problems. This is what makes their uniqueness stand out. Read more about how my vampires “work” in this blog post.

    The first book starts out with Sami running away from an abusive relationship, searching for herself and some stable anchor to hold her to the ground and allow her to be who and all she truly is. The people she comes to love and cherish as her friends, once she settles into her new home in Harlan County, are vampires. Sadly, as psychologically ill and damaged as Sami is, those three men continue the abuse in the way they treat her — feeding her half-truths and little to no information, mishandling her, and so forth. Of course she finds the things she’s looking for — she’s given no choice but to face herself and deal with what she finds there. The added element of Sami’s discovery of real vampires, including that she carries vampiric genes, provides her another avenue of self-realization and wholeness.

    Book two, eighteen years later, is Sami as wife, mother, elder of her family…Book three, thirty years later, is Sami, her off-spring, her heirs, and their kin…Book four, even further into the future, ties up any straggling lose ends…Book five is the prequel I said I would never write but have been dinkering on and off with now since late 2007.

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