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1. The study of literature-based artifacts left by the authors and editors of Apex Publications, particularly dark or horrific stories.
2. An anthology of horror containing disturbing, dark imagery and twisted fiction.

Contained within are twenty-one stories to showcase the unique talents that Apex has published and employed in the past five years. Apexology: Horror contains work from two Campbell Award winners, a Hollywood screenwriter, a NYT Bestselling Author, Nebula and Hugo nominees, Stoker Award winners, and Mari Adkins!

Get a taste of some of the best Apex has to offer. Study Apexology: Horror.

This is a digital only release!

Introduction: Five Years and Counting by Jason Sizemore
“It Tasted Like the Sea” by Paul Jessup
“Summon, Bind, Banish” by Nick Mamatas
“To Every Thing There is a Season” by Dru Pagliassotti
“Life’s a Beach” by Alethea Kontis and Ariell Branson
“Kusatenda Uroyi” by Gill Ainsworth
“Lottery” by Gene O’Neill
“Cerbo en Vitra ujo” by Mary Robinette Kowal
“The Spider in the Hairdo” by Michael A. Burstein
“The Dark Side” by Guy Hasson
“With the Beating of their Wings” by Martel Sardina
“Enough to Make a Devil” by R. Thomas Riley
“Flash of Light” by Jason Sizemore
“Transylvania Mission” by Lavie Tidhar
“Inside Looking Out (or: Falling Through the Worlds)” by Mari Adkins
“Powered” by Deb Taber
“Disturbing Things” by B.J. Burrow
“Eulogy for Muffin” by Jennifer Brozek
“Hands of Heritage” by Elizabeth Engstrom
“The Junkyard God” by M. Zak Anwar and O.M.R. Anwar
“Bessie Green’s Thumb” by Fran Friel
“Big Sister/Little Sister” by Jennifer Pelland

Download your copy here today!

Available as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, LRF, PDB, and LIT.

blog updated

I updated my site after coming over here and seeing that the latest WordPress update had reverted the sidebar back to default for some reason (never had that happen before!

I corrected something that should have been there since last May (as in May 2009 when we went on pre-order) and especially since last October. :blush: I finally put an order link for Harlan County Horrors on the sidebar. Whoops. I can’t believe I didn’t have that up there before now. Total and complete oversight on my part. Big and huge oversight. Jeeze.

I also set the tagcloud so that it is left-flush instead of centered. I didn’t like the way it looked centered.

As well, I updated the header image. We’re not into Fall yet, but we will be before we know it even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. As well, as much as I loved that picture of the mountains at Cumberland Gap, it just didn’t match the background image. So, it’s all better now.

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I think that’s it. Have a good Sunday.

2009 final bram stoker ballot

Harlan County Horrors didn’t make the final ballot, but deep congratulations to those who did:

The 2009 Stoker Awards Final Ballot has been released:

Superior Achievement in a Novel
* Audrey’s Door, Sarah Langan (Harper)
* Patient Zero, Jonathan Maberry (St. Martin’s Griffin)
* Quarantined, Joe McKinney (Lachesis)
* Cursed, Jeremy Shipp (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Superior Achievement in a First Novel
* Breathers, S. G. Browne (Broadway Books)
* Solomon’s Grave, Daniel G. Keohane (Dragon Moon Press)
* Damnable, Hank Schwaeble (Jove)
* The Little Sleep, Paul Tremblay (Henry Holt)

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction
* Dreaming Robot Monster, Mort Castle (Mighty Unclean)
* The Hunger of Empty Vessels, Scott Edelman (Bad Moon)
* The Lucid Dreaming, Lisa Morton (Bad Moon)
* Doc Good’s Traveling Show, Gene O’Neill (Bad Moon)

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction
* “Keeping Watch”, Nate Kenyon (Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror)
* “The Crossing of Aldo Ray”, Weston Ochse (The Dead That Walk)
* “In the Porches of My Ears”, Norman Prentiss (Postscripts 18)
* “The Night Nurse”, Harry Shannon (Horror Drive-In 7/09)

Superior Achievement in an Anthology
* He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson, Christopher Conlon, ed. (Gauntlet)
* Lovecraft Unbound, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Dark Horse)
* Poe, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Solaris)
* Midnight Walk, Lisa Morton, ed. (Dark House)

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection
* Martyrs and Monsters, Robert Dunbar (DarkHart)
* Got to Kill Them All and Other Stories, Dennis Etchison (Cemetery Dance)
* A Taste of Tenderloin, Gene O’Neill (Apex)
* In the Closet, Under the Bed, Lee Thomas (Dark Scribe)

Superior Achievement in Non-fiction
* Writers Workshop of Horror, Michael Knost (Woodland)
* Cinema Knife Fight, L.L. Soares & Michael Arruda (Fearzone)
* The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, Bev Vincent (Fall River)
* Stephen King: The Non-Fiction, Rocky Wood & Justin Brook (Cemetery Dance)

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection
* Double Visions, Bruce Boston (Dark Regions)
* North Left of Earth, Bruce Boston (Sam’s Dot)
* Barfodder, Rain Graves (Cemetery Dance)
* Chimeric Machines, Lucy A. Snyder (Creative Guy)

Horror Writers Association members will vote to determine winners. Winning titles will be announced at the World Horror Convention, March 25-28 2010, in Brighton, England.

2009 prelimary stoker ballot


Superior Achievement in a Novel
QUARANTINED by Joe McKinney (Lachesis Publishing)
AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT by Michael Louis Calvillo (Bad Moon Books)
PATIENT ZERO by Jonathan Maberry (St. Martin’s Griffin)
CURSED by Jeremy Shipp (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
SACRIFICE by John Everson (Leisure)
AUDREY’S DOOR by Sarah Langan (Harper)
ETERNAL VIGILANCE II: DEATH OF ILLUSIONS by Gabrielle Faust (Immanion Press)
TWISTED LADDER by Rhodi Hawk (Tor/Forge)
VORACIOUS by Alice Henderson (Jove)
THE BONE FACTORY by Nate Kenyon (Leisure)

Superior Achievement in a First Novel
DAMNABLE by Hank Schwaeble (Jove)
THE BLACK ACT by Louise Bohmer (Library of Horror)
SLAUGHTER by Marcus Griffin (Alexandrian Archives Publishing)
BREATHERS by S. G. Browne (Broadway Books)
THE LITTLE SLEEP by Paul Tremblay (Henry Holt)
SOLOMON’S GRAVE by Daniel G. Keohane (Dragon Moon Press)
DISMEMBER by Daniel Pyle (Wild Child)
SLIGHTS by Kaaron Warren (Angry Robot)
THE DEAD PATH by Stephen M. Irwin (Hachette Australia)
THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH by Carrie Ryan (Delacorte Press/Random House)

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction,
MAMA FISH by Rio Youers (Shroud Publishing)
HUNGER OF EMPTY VESSELS by Scott Edelman (Bad Moon Books)
DOC GOOD’S TRAVELING SHOW by Gene O’Neill (Bad Moon Books)
THE GRAY ZONE by John R. Little (Bad Moon Books)
THE LUCID DREAMING by Lisa Morton (Bad Moon Books)
LITTLE GRAVEYARD ON THE PRAIRIE by Steven E. Wedel (Bad Moon Books)
ROT by Michelle Lee (Skullvines Press)
BLACK BUTTERFLIES by Kurt Newton (Sideshow Press)

Superior Achievement in a Short Fiction
IN THE PORCHES OF MY EARS by Norman Prentiss (PS Publishing)
ONE MORE DAY by Brian Freeman (SHIVERS V)
WHERE SUNLIGHT SLEEPS by Brian Freeman (Horror Drive-in)
THE NIGHT NURSE by Harry Shannon (Horror Drive-in)
THE OUTLAWS OF HILL COUNTY by John Palisano (Harvest Hill)
NUB HUT by Kurt Dinan (Chizine)

Superior Achievement in a Anthology,
MIDNIGHT WALK edited by Lisa Morton (Dark House)
POE edited by Ellen Datlow (Solaris)
HARLAN COUNTY HORRORS edited by Mari Adkins (Apex Publications)
LOVECRAFT UNBOUND edited by Ellen Datlow (Dark Horse Books)
DARK DELICACIES 3: HAUNTED edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb (Running Press)
BUTCHER SHOP QUARTET 2 edited by Frank J. Hutton (Cutting Block Press)
GRANTS PASS edited by Amanda Pillar and Jennifer Brozek (Morrigan Books)
MIGHTY UNCLEAN edited by Bill Breedlove (Dark Arts Books)
BRITISH INVASION by Chris Golden, Tim Lebbon and James Moore (Cemetery Dance Publications)

Superior Achievement in a Collection,
A TASTE OF TENDERLOIN by Gene O’Neill (Apex Book Company)
SHADES OF BLOOD AND SHADOW by Angeline Hawkes (Dark Regions Press)
MARTYRS AND MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar (DarkHart Press)
IN THE CLOSET, UNDER THE BED by Lee Thomas (Dark Scribe Press)
A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS by Michael McCarty (Sam’s Dot)
GOT TO KILL THEM ALL AND OTHER STORIES by Dennis Etchison (Cemetery Dance)
DARK ENTITIES by David Dunwoody (Dark Regions)
SHARDS by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Brimstone Press)
UNHAPPY ENDINGS by Brian Keene (Delirium Books)
YOU MIGHT SLEEP… by Nick Mamatas (Prime)

Superior Achievement in a Nonfiction
WRITERS WORKSHOP OF HORROR by Michael Knost (Woodland Press)
STEPHEN KING: THE NON-FICTION by Rocky Wood and Justin Brook (Cemetery Dance)
CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT by L. L. Soares and Michael Arruda (Fearzone)
ESOTERIA-LAND by Michael McCarty (BearManor Media)
MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES edited by Loren Rhoads (Simon & Schuster)

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection
CHIMERIC MACHINES by Lucy A. Snyder (Creative Guy Publishing)
MORTICIAN’S TEA by G. O. Clark (Sam’s Dot)
DOUBLE VISIONS by Bruce Boston (Dark Regions)
VOICES FROM THE DARK by Gary William Crawford (Dark Regions)
BARFODDER by Rain Graves (Cemetery Dance)
STARKWEATHER DREAMS by Christopher Conlon (Creative Guy Publishing)
TOWARD ABSOLUTE ZERO by Karen L. Newman (Sam’s Dot)
NORTH LEFT OF EARTH by Bruce Boston (Sam’s Dot)
GRAVE BITS by Todd Hanks (Skullvines Press)

harlan county horrors now available at fictionwise

from the Apex blog:

HARLAN COUNTY HORRORS eBook on SALE at Fictionwise!
Maggie Jamison

Deep down in our tiny, beating hearts, we’ve always known there was something dark and frightening about coal. From the black smog pumped out of smoke stacks, to the grit on your fingers when you pull it out of your Christmas stocking, coal and everything associated with it rubs a black smudge of foreboding across our souls. Now the folks who know better than anyone how dark coal country really is have compiled an array of (supposedly) fictional terrors centered on the region, and Fictionwise–knowing the peril of holding on to such things–has the eBook collection of these sinister tales on sale!

Right now, you can get the eBook of HARLAN COUNTY HORRORS, edited by APEX’s own Mari Adkins, for a fraction of its usual price at Fictionwise! HCH contains tales from Alethea Kontis, Debbie Kuhn, Earl Dean, Geoffrey Girard, Jason Sizemore, Jeremy C. Shipp, Maurice Broaddus, Robby Sparks, Ronald Kelly, Stephanie Lenz, Steven Shrewsbury, and TL Trevaskis.

Get your eBook copy now and take advantage of this great offer from Fictionwise!

change in time for book release party – hch

Hey gang!

The release party at The Morris Book Shop is scheduled to start at 1pm, Saturday, October 24th! [[please note the change in the time!]]

We’ll sign books, read excerpts, and have a great time!,-84.494311&sspn=0.007865,0.014634&ie=UTF8&ll=38.033355,-84.52589&spn=0.059492,0.182304&t=h&z=13&iwloc=A

If you need any more information, please drop me a note at mari @ (minus the spaces of course)

~ Mari Adkins