my china

So, this is what we’ll be eating off of tomorrow. Kathy bought these in a box with a bunch of other china at an estate sale a number of years ago (we were still on Richmond Road back then); if I’m remembering right, she paid a whopping $1 for the entire box. I have five teacups (thanks Sandhi) that are the same Royal Rose pattern as the dessert plates; I also have a sugar/creamer set that I bought for myself in the same pattern (thank you Burlington Coat Factory for having them at just the right time!).

These are the supper plates. The stamp on the back of the one on the left says “Théodore Haviland, Limoges, France”.

These are the dessert plates. The dessert plates have no markings on the back, so I don’t have a clue where or when they were made.

i saw my therapist on tuesday

This week has gone by so fast. I told myself, “I’ll write this post as soon as I get home from the clinic.” But I was so tired by the time I got home, I didn’t care about the clinic, my blog, or much anything else. Miss Kitty was happy to take a nap with me. And then I kept thinking, “I’ll write it tomorrow.” And now tomorrow is today, which is Saturday. Where did this week go? Oh yeah. I’ve been writing, organizing, and have been reading Meg Cabot’s 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series straight through (am on book four today; she’s the one who wrote all those Princess Diary books).

I remember thinking as I walked from the bus stop at Arby’s over to the next street to the clinic that I’d been going to that clinic for over a year now, and I’ve been seeing my particular therapist for right at a year. And soon, I’ll be slogging through the snow again to see her. This year really went quick!

One thing I like about my therapist is that when you go into her office, she has your file scattered all across her desk and a nice list of notes. She always adds to that list, every appointment.

The first thing we talked about, of course, was Thomas and how all that had gone. The last time I had seen her, he’d still been in UK Hospital. I told her how all that had turned out, and she was rightly appalled. Then we talked about finding a support group for parents/relatives of transplant recipients. She really couldn’t find anything on Google, so I said I will ask one of the social workers when Thomas goes back to transplant clinic on Monday. And I made myself a note in the notebook I carry in my bag so I don’t forget. Because I’m like that. I’d literally leave my head behind if it weren’t so firmly attached to my neck.

But I had told her everything I’d been feeling, all the stages and how they’d come along and how I’d handled them. She said she was proud of me – I’d done everything right all by myself! I told her I’d tried to get an emergency appointment with her the week after the horrific news had been delivered but that she’d been booked so solid I couldn’t have gotten edged in had it been a true emergency. She said, “My schedule is ridiculous.” No kidding. But she’s so good at what she does! I threaten now and then to switch over to UK Psychiatry because I don’t really care for her clinic, but at the same time, I don’t want to lose her. She’s fantastic.

So then we discussed my medications and how I’m doing on all of those, and she wrote me a handful of new prescriptions. I’m doing well with the Ritalin. Now and then it still makes me a bit jittery, but I really feel like that depends on how I’ve slept the night before. Sometimes I sleep like a log and others I toss and turn – despite everything I take to knock me out.

And we discussed my personal life and my love life and my writing life and how sales of the anthology are going and NaNoWriMo, etc, etc, etc. We talked about all of the Young Adult literature I’ve collected over the Summer and that I’ve read since then and about my latest project – which I must say is coming along nicely, if I do have to say so myself! And I’ll be going back to see her again on the Monday following Thanksgiving. I’ll have my list of stuff to discuss, and she’ll have hers, and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle just like we always do.

my water fountain

I finally broke down and got a tabletop water fountain, or in this case a bookshelftop water fountain (it’s a very short bookshelf). I was running it with tap water until I could get to Kroger for a jug of High Bridge Spring water. Today I cleaned it out and poured in the spring water, and I felt like Bob Ross – What a happy little fountain! So I took a video of it, and I hope the sound comes across in it. Unfortunately I had the front patio door open, and there were kids playing outside.

kitchen photos

I finally got my new kitchen cleaned up and together a long time ago – back in March. But honestly, I can’t remember posting any pictures, so I took these, and here they are. I’m really happy with the new kitchen. Click on picture to view album.

our new kitchen

by way of an explanation

I want to explain this tweet:

Actually, I find it kinda sad and crazy that I have to post such an explanation, but please allow me to do it anyway.

See, here’s the thing.

I’m not sure why, but it all started when I got a cellphone four years ago. It’s like certain people think that because I have a cellphone that they can call me or text me any time they want. Honestly? That kind of behavior makes me less inclined to answer calls or text from those people.

Number one. I’m agoraphobic. This makes me less inclined to want to hang out on any kind of telephone – cell or wired.

Number two. Even as a teenager, I never understood the desire or need to talk on the telephone for hours on end. Why?

Number three. I have better, more important things to do with my life. Usually spending time with Preston, resting, writing, or doing housework (or shopping).

The biggest thing? Number three. Especially if I’ve explicitly stated somewhere (usually Twitter) At the beginning of June, for example, I stated both on my blog and on Twitter that I was going out of town, that I was going to be selling books at a fair in Harlan County, that on the way home, I was stopping to spend a day with my dad in Corbin.

You know what happened? My cellphone rang off the hook. I got text messages out the ear. I was pissed. I’d be trying to talk to people and sell books, and my cellphone would ring, and I’d have to look at people and say, “I’m so sorry.” But I wouldn’t answer – because that’s one of the exact wrong times to answer any call. I tweeted on my way to Corbin that I was on my way to visit my dad, and during the visit, I got umpty calls and texts. We hadn’t seen each other in almost sixteen years. An uninterrupted visit would have been wonderful.

What the hell is wrong with people??

And right now, as my tweet posted above clearly states, I’m getting ready to go do some homemaking. I’ll be vacuuming, washing floors, scrubbing tubs and toilets, dusting, etc, etc. I won’t be able to answer the phone.

And after I get finished with my chores, I’m going to the pool. And after I come home, I’m going to get some reading and some editing done.

Me saying, “I’m unavailable” isn’t an invitation for my phone to start ringing and texts to start pouring in. Why people think that, I have no fucking clue. But it’s rude.

So don’t call me. I’m busy!

eta: btw ftr, i use a third party site that feeds my blog posts (ie, what i post here) to twitter. another third party site feeds my twitter posts to facebook. so, whatever i post here or on twitter eventually does make its way to facebook.

the current state of my living room

It’s getting ridiculous, and I really dread putting everything back together on Wednesday. But this has to be done. Renovation is mandatory. Right now I’ve gotten to that awkward stage in the kitchen where I don’t know what to put up and what to keep out because I don’t know what I’m going to be needing all day Monday or in the morning Tuesday. If it were as easy as “three cups, three plates, three forks”, that would make my load easier. As of right now, we’ve gotten everything moved out of the dining room except for the floor lamp, the dining room table, and the chair I’m sitting on. That all can be moved tomorrow night before bed.

I asked on Twitter yesterday if it was reasonable enough to ask for a flock of faeries and a herd of brownies to come do all the putting things back where they belong work for me Tuesday night while I’m sleep. In my dreams, I suppose.

I think Miss Kitty still thinks we’re moving again. She keeps looking upset. I know cats get upset with any change in their environment, and I know this has to be rough on her. I gave her a can of Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp on Friday and her usual Caturday can of Aristocats Flaked Trout yesterday to soothe her – she’ll end up an emotional eater like me if this keeps up. I keep reassuring her that we’re not moving. This is going to suck for her Tuesday. She has to be crated all day. Her crate is small, too, so I don’t know what to do about food, water, litter …

Somebody asked me why Preston and I just don’t “go over to one of our parents’ places” on Tuesday during the construction since we really don’t have anywhere else to go. I burst out laughing. Somebody apparently hasn’t been paying as much attention to me and mine and Preston’s history as he thought. Good for a laugh, I suppose.

Anyway. Here are pictures of the current state of my living room. It’s going to be worse once the table gets moved and the rest of the kitchen gets emptied out. (click images to view larger size)

packing up

I packed up four boxes today – and still have stuff on the counter I need to pack. No, we’re not moving, but our apartment is having some construction done next week. I’m packing up stuff out of the kitchen and bathrooms that we won’t need until after the construction is over (it’s all going to be done in one day). Miss Kitty was worried, so after I finished for today, I gave her some tuna and shrimp. I keep hugging her and reassuring her that we’re not moving.

I have to empty out the pantry, too, as well as both bathroom vanities. Fun times!

I meant to go into the kitchen and take pictures this morning before I got started and totally forgot until after I had taken everything off the walls and had gotten some stuff down out of a few cabinets. I grabbed my phone then and took these two pictures (more to come after the new kitchen is installed):

sunday special coffee cake

I’ve had people across the ‘net and in meatlife ask me for my coffee cake recipe. So I made one this morning and scanned the recipe into the computer. This is Kathy’s coffee cake recipe. I don’t recall right off the top of my head where she got it, but it’s delicious.