julnawrimo tally

tally for july ~> 29398

This doesn’t take into account all of the editing I did. And I believe, unless something else crops up somewhere, I’m down to rewriting the last scene of this book. (Then I get to go back and edit the “April through March” chapters)

julnawrimo metrics

Considering I’ve been editing and stitching together this month, this word count probably isn’t all that shabby. But I’m still not happy with it. :sigh:

7348 for the month so far.

julnawrimo 2010

I’m participating in Julnawrimo. I did last year and thought I’d give it a shot again this year. Toward the same end. Different book. This time I’m working on finishing up the latest round of rewrites on Midnight’s Heir. This is draft five, and I’ve been working on it since at least November. October? I’ve taken my time with it – swept through it once before getting down to the nitty gritty.

Generally my word goal for the year is 150,000. But I set my meter to 140,000 for this because that’s about where the word count should end up. Pretty fat. I’ll have to trim it way, way back. (Midnight weighed in at around 90,000 depending on how you do the count.)


I have written 96,000 of 140,000 words.
I am now 68.57% done!

no frills wordmeter

eta: not sure how or why the counter posted like that. sheesh!