metrics: friday, may 6

opening count: 10,495
daily count: 4,224

current music: singing birds

opening line: Adam said, “Yes, sir.”

closing line: As her blood flowed into his mouth, he groaned.

reason for stopping: I would have kept going, but I was wiped out – and it was midnight! way time for bed.

favorite phrase: “You don’t know what you’re asking me to do.”

oy vey phrase: The night of the party, he paced his bedroom floor.

left to write: until I’m finished. I just don’t know where this is going yet.

commentary: I don’t expect to write one of these every day. Mostly because I don’t expect to write every day, and I don’t want my blog / my website to become nothing but a long list of metrics that no one else but me is interested in.

I’m just happy to be writing again. Two years of piddling and nothing is entirely too long! I woke up yesterday morning, and it was like the dam that started in my head in mid-2009 had been broken wide open. I couldn’t wait to pick up my pen and get going.

It’s wonderful to get the words, any words, flowing and down on paper again. I’m never quite me when I’m not able to write. I missing my writing group last night after telling them, yes, that would be my first night back after a short absence. I warned a couple of members early in the day that I was writing and didn’t want to stop until I had to. Thankfully, they’re an understanding bunch.

At the time I’m writing this, I already have 4224 words for today (this post wraps up my yesterday). But I’m not finished, so I continue on!

2010 writing metrics

Every year for the last five or six years, I’ve set myself a writing goal of 150 thousand words. More than once, I’ve gotten twice this many words. This year, though, by the middle of May I worried whether I was going to get any words at all. On May 30, I wrote 768 words. It all, as ‘they’ say, went from there. On October 19, I wrote the 768 words that got me to 150,052 – 52 words over goal. I’m currently at 3822 words over goal. We’ll see where it goes from here.

julnawrimo tally

tally for july ~> 29398

This doesn’t take into account all of the editing I did. And I believe, unless something else crops up somewhere, I’m down to rewriting the last scene of this book. (Then I get to go back and edit the “April through March” chapters)

julnawrimo metrics

Considering I’ve been editing and stitching together this month, this word count probably isn’t all that shabby. But I’m still not happy with it. :sigh:

7348 for the month so far.

julnawrimo 2010

I’m participating in Julnawrimo. I did last year and thought I’d give it a shot again this year. Toward the same end. Different book. This time I’m working on finishing up the latest round of rewrites on Midnight’s Heir. This is draft five, and I’ve been working on it since at least November. October? I’ve taken my time with it – swept through it once before getting down to the nitty gritty.

Generally my word goal for the year is 150,000. But I set my meter to 140,000 for this because that’s about where the word count should end up. Pretty fat. I’ll have to trim it way, way back. (Midnight weighed in at around 90,000 depending on how you do the count.)


I have written 96,000 of 140,000 words.
I am now 68.57% done!

no frills wordmeter

eta: not sure how or why the counter posted like that. sheesh!