nanowrimo – 1

Date: September 1, 2003
Music: Godsmack – Running Blind
Location: my bedroom, Baxter Kentucky

Mom suggested I start a journal or a blog. She even offered to get me a paid subscription on LiveJournal, but I’m not too wild about that idea. She said I need something to record my thoughts, feelings, impressions. A one subject notebook. A leather book like hers. She started journaling in seventh grade. I’ve tried thinking about twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and find I don’t want to think about it. Thank the gods I didn’t keep a journal then. It would probably be full of

~ I went to school.
~ Good thing I brought lunch today.
~ Jason Sizemore had food stuck in his braces.
~ Had to run a mile in gym.
~ Thomas Riley tripped Sally Baird in the lobby.
~ Broke a nail after school at piano lesson.

Then there’d be my birthday last year when my parents all told me I couldn’t date until my sixteenth birthday. Some birthday present. “We love you. You can’t date. Have some cake and ice cream.”

I don’t know. Maybe Mom’s right. Maybe there is something to this journaling thing. I spend a lot of time at my laptop anyway, so I thought I could just start something with Word. Maybe I can type in this one document until I’m 115! Maybe I’ll have a document that’s so big it won’t open any more! Eight squillion pages!

Yeah, yeah.

Blah, blah, blah.

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It’s November 1st – the start of NaNo. I’ll likely be found more over at my writing blog* than here. Keep your eyes open!!

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