2014 gratitude jar

The idea is that you write down things you’re grateful for, things that make you happy, memorable events, throughout the year, put them in the jar. The on New Year’s Eve, you dump out the jar and read all the good things. And start a new jar the following day.

This is my jar. I used a Lipton Tea jar and glued on the banner, the image of the jar in the back, the quote at the bottom, and the photograph of the gorgeous key. The rest are from a pack of stickers I got. I didn’t think I could go wrong with a yellow cat wearing purple glasses, right?



me: oh yeah? well, i just added a brand new pair of roller skates to my wishlist.

he: [busts out laughing]

me: what?

he: my first thought of response was, “oh yeah? well, i just added a brand new key to mine! so there!”


Overheard in my kitchen after breakfast:

me: have you smelled … (i burst out giggling)
he: have i smelled what?
me: (still giggling and digging through a cabinet)
he: what were you going to say? hhmmm?
me: randy. have you smelled randy?
he: omg, mari! no!
me: (laughing even harder) but that’s not what i meant.
he: (also laughing) what did you mean?
me: his coffee. have you smelled the coffee he brought to keep here?
he: sure. sure that’s what you meant.
me: (i waft the coffee under his nose)
he: oh, that does smell good.
me: (i turn around, lay my head on the counter, and laugh until i stop)


Overheard in my kitchen Sunday morning while we were making breakfast:

Me: Could you hand me the Melamine fork out of the dishwasher?

He: Sure!

He hands it to me.

At the same time he says: Use the fork, Luke!

I say: May the fork be with you!

overheard at anesthesia

I totally forgot to include this in the post about going with Thomas to anesthesiology, although Russell Dickerson’s gremlin pictures reminded me of it.

We were sitting there going over what Thomas has to do tonight – all that happy NPO stuff, etc, and so forth – and I burst out laughing. He and the nurse said, “What?”

I said, “So, you’re saying we treat him like a gremlin? Don’t feed him after midnight, don’t get him wet -”

The nurse and Thomas lost it.


he: chocolate milk.

me: nope.

he: instant breakfast?

me: yup.

he: what’s it taste like?

me: chocolate milk.

he: [long suffering sigh]


overheard in my living room:

preston: i don’t have time. could you please make me a wrap?
me: no. i don’t know how you like yours wrapped.
preston: yo yo yo
me: but what if i made it oy oy oy?


overheard on the bus on the way home Monday:

:man hooks bicycle to front of bus, removes the high, orange flag, gets on the bus:

me: hysterical laughter, barely contained
preston: :looks at me like oh my dear god because he knew exactly what i was thinking:
me: :through the laughter: it’s the rebels, sir. they’re here.
preston: my god, man, do they want tea?
me: no, but they brought a flag.
both of us: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: