press release: the storm guardians: stephen zimmer

Storms break out across the world and the realms beyond, as the Convergence seeks to advance its worldwide agenda, and Diabolos unleashes great powers from the depths of the Abyss.

The Fallen Avatar Beleth’s legions pour across the boundaries of Purgatarion, even as the Night Hunt is loosed once again, in the modern world. Dagian readies for a monumental unveiling of Babylon Technology’s greatest invention, a technology that holds grave implications for every living person on the face of the world.

It is a time when the Exiles in the Middle Lands, the An-Ki, and many others are falling under the shadow of the Abyss. Guardians of all forms, great and small, must rise to resist as the storm of darkness spreads. From high school students Seth, Jonathan, and Annika, to Ian, Arianna, and the others of humankind that have been drawn into the spiraling course of events, choices with dangerous consequences have to be made.

An epic tale of resolve and heroism, The Storm Guardians takes the reader farther and deeper into the Rising Dawn Saga.

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storm guardians

r thomas riley: the monster within idea available for pre-order

Riley, R. Thomas – The Monster Within Idea

SKU: 978-0-9821596-1-3
Size: 212 Pages

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One of our early 2009 titles, The Monster Within Idea, is a collection that contains nineteen stories from the dark mind of horror writer R. Thomas Riley.

Riley’s work has been compared to horror legends Richard Laymon and Dean Koontz. In our experiences, it is the way Riley instills a deep sense of humanity into his characters that makes his style of writing horror so empathetic and powerful. Those of you who have read the Apex anthology Gratia Placenti will be familiar with this very writing trait in the story “Only Spirits Cry” (also included in The Monster Within Idea).

Cover artist/designer by Justin Stewart.

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The monsters lurk in everyone: monsters of greed, of guilt, of the pleasure found in pain, of the pain found when pleasure dies. Carefully disguised, the monsters can sit down beside you or take up residence within you at the slightest twist of fate. Will you try to stop them? Will you want to?

This collection of 18 stories from R. Thomas Riley deftly explores the monsters born of the human mind. “Attrition” offers a future prison system that frees only those who repent sincerely—but what can an inmate do if he finds that sincerity is not really the key? “Twin Thieves” and “Tautology” throw a devilish spin on relationships gone wrong, while “The Lesser Evil” twists the abuses of race and power into a gritty, noirish nightmare of the choices a man must make to protect a lesser man and a greater good. In “Touching God,” a young man’s past catches up to him when worlds bleed into each other and the past crosses into present, bringing back the abuse he once escaped and the brother who wasn’t so lucky.

Sacrifice, selfishness, and the worst of good intentions: all combine in The Monster Within Idea. From vampires and aliens to hit women and Wild Bill Hickock, Riley gives a subtle psychological turn to dark science fiction and horror. Let the monsters walk the paths of your mind. The idea is already within.

press release: derek gunn “The Estuary”

Press Release November 2009: Permuted Press to publish new Derek Gunn novel

Irish writer, Derek Gunn, has sold a new novel entitled The Estuary, to US publisher, Permuted Press for publication in 2009.

According to the author, The Estuary is a fast-paced, horror adventure tale, about a desperate plan formulated in the darkest years of an evil empire, which now threatens to engulf the residents of a small community in Southern Ireland.

“I’m delighted that The Estuary is going to be published by Permuted Press who are making tremendous strides forward in publishing horror/post-apocalyptic genre fiction” says Derek.

Permuted Press are a US based publisher of apocalyptic horror including bestselling and cult-classic titles from Bram Stoker Award winner Dr. Kim Paffenroth, David Wong, J.L. Bourne, Z.A. Recht and many more.

Derek Gunn is the author of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic horror saga, Vampire Apocalypse, a series of novels released through Black Death Books, the first of which is in development as a movie.

Permuted Press can be contacted at,

Derek Gunn can be contacted at,

press release: jeremy c. shipp “Sheep and Wolves”

Dark fiction writer, Jeremy C. Shipp, author of VACATION, has been called many things. John Skipp proclaimed him “a very good drug.” And Jeff VanderMeer’s convinced Jeremy’s “a little bit crazy, in the best possible way.” Now, Shipp has utilized his psychotropic madness to spawn a story collection, SHEEP AND WOLVES, published by Raw Dog Screaming Press. The collection features 17 tales, including one novella and 8 previously unpublished stories. Excerpts can be read here (, and here(

Shipp’s novel VACATION established him as one of the foremost authors in the “bizarro fiction” movement. Now he turns his attention to short fiction and literary horror. The themes of alienation and cultural homogenization on a global scale are explored in closer detail. Shipp notes, “This intimacy makes Sheep and Wolves much darker than its predecessor. Because now, the darkness is invading your homes, your dreams, your lives.” The author’s trademark quirky characters populate an otherwise bleak landscape, this time around facing horrors at home rather than evils abroad.

derek gunn’s vampire apocalypse trilogy

Press Release
28th September 2008

Derek Gunn’s Vampire Apocalypse trilogy – second book released.

The second book in the Vampire Apocalypse trilogy from Irish author Derek Gunn, has been released by KHP Industries under their Black Death Books imprint. Descent into Chaos follows A World Torn Asunder, Derek’s debut novel (September 2006) which was widely praised on both sides of the Atlantic and is in development as a movie (Richard Finney, Robert Lawrence).

According to the author, the Vampire Apocalypse stories are set in the near future in a world grown insular after a brief war has left the world depleted of resources. Fuel is rationed, States close their borders, communities die and technology stagnates. It’s not too improbable anymore either. As the world struggles to cope with such problems, the vampires come from the shadows and quietly begin to take over community after community. They offer power to those who will join them and death to those who don’t. It doesn’t take long and, after a brutal but brief war, they take control. They use a serum and Thralls to control the population, wall the cities off and breed humans as stock. The Thralls are humans who have been bitten but have not fully become vampires. They have enhanced speed and strength and guard the vampires during the day when they could be vulnerable.

Both books are widely available from online booksellers and (or can be ordered from) high street book stores. Sample chapters from both books are available at the author’s website.


announcement: harlan county horrors anthology

I wanted to take the time to make a public announcement…

During the Spring of ’06, Jason Sizemore and I kicked around the idea of creating and publishing a “Harlan County Horror Anthology”. We joked about it at first, then got serious, as in, “Hey, this might work.” We asked a handful of writers to submit story synopses and made plans. But then we hit a glitch and had to drop the project. We were all disappointed.

Well, back in February, Jason and I were chatting about Apex, as we’re prone to do, and I said something along the lines of, “Yeah, I was real disappointed that we had to scratch the Harlan antho.” And he said, “Me too. And so were most of the writers.” I said, “Really?” So we got to talking about it again. Then we decided to do it again. With me in charge. I almost literally tap danced.

So I took his original invitation list, added a few others, and sent out invitations. Almost everyone was eager to jump back onto this wagon, although I had a few turn me down for various reasons (this was expected and accepted). I ended up with a team of very talented individuals all eager to give this project wings. Those individuals are:

Alethea Kontis
Debbie Kuhn
Earl Dean
Geoffrey Girard
Jason Sizemore
Jeremy C. Shipp
Maurice Broaddus
Robby Sparks
Stephanie Lenz
Steven Shrewsbury
TL Trevaskis
Ronald Kelly

Then Jason and I started discussing possible covers and cover art. For a while, we both agreed to stock photography – possibly something from my own collection if I could find something suitable. But then one morning, I caught Mister Sizemore online, and wrote in my sweetest voice, “This may the one and only time I ever could ask to have Billy Tackett create a cover for me.” Jason said, “Ask him.” I almost literally tap danced again. So I wrote Billy, who told me he too had been disappointed when the original project was canceled. He accepted once I told him the deadline for the artwork, which was in acceptable range for him. I did tap dance, I’m fairly certain.

Now, for some background, courtesy of my website and the help of two wonderful folks:

In the dark corners of America, sometimes hidden things remain. Harlan County is one of those corners. With mountains shrouded in forests and fog with still woodlands where sunlight doesn’t light ground, the nights seem darker – with neighbors sometimes a mile or more away. Always bigger than its inhabitants, this land deep in the heart of Kentucky where coal seams the earth and darkness holds sway over the land, Harlan County is locked in an endless struggle to maintain its roots in tradition. Often each community in the county, or even each family, has the appearance like a whole new world, each with its own customs and traditions.

Many people from Harlan County often see and hear things some would call ‘supernatural’. The people take these things in stride, like their forefathers have for generations. These ‘ghost stories’, passed around the dinner table or heating stove, help pass the time and connect the generations. These stories are often fanciful tales, told for generations…but sometimes they are not. Sometimes the tales are new, with the dark fresh in mind for the telling.

I lived in Harlan County for four years; it’s very near and dear to my heart. I am terribly excited about this project and hope you will join me in that excitement!

As of right now, Harlan County Horrors is set for a Fall 2009 release date. I will keep everyone supplied with updates as time moves on – especially as we get closer to our release date.

help anthology coming

Anthology containing a reprint of my short story “Meetings”. Received this e-mail from Eric Enck yesterday ::

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take some time out and let everyone know, that “HELP” will be available for sale on Saturday, May 24th. The anthology is completed. The cover is finished. We are just waiting for the announcement that it is available for sale.

The book will be available on Amazon. It won’t register on Amazon for one to two weeks from this Saturday. It will be available direct to purchase straight from LuLu until then.

I know LuLu isn’t the best printer for something like this. However, it is the most cost effective, since all the money made will go directly to Preditors & Editors. There wasn’t any publisher who could’ve put this out on time.

The only money spent went towards registering the book on Amazon. It was paid for by Mr. Enck.

There has been a waiting list (so to speak) of 65 people so far that are waiting to purchase the anthology. We will also be sending out newsletters and flyers in the mail for folks who have been waiting to purchase the book.

There is a few independent stores that will be carrying the book. Atlantic Books ( East Coast) and Walden Books ( Delaware) We are working on more.

Thank you to everyone for hanging in there with us!

Craig Phillips ( Editorial)
Mike Bloom ( copy editing/ design)